Declan Bradley

UI/X Design Consultant.

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Quick Introduction!

I am a Dublin based UI/X Design Consultant with over 10 years experience in Multi-platform Mobile Software Development. I specialise in Product Concept Development, Creative Visualisation & Rapid Prototyping.

Concept Exploration
& Planning

It's no secret that project planning is the foundation of any successful product! From my initial sketches and wireframes to the finalised interface, focusing on the needs of the end user is always my number one consideration.

UI/X Design
& Prototyping

Once projects are sketched, tested and approved by all stakeholders, it's time to bring your product to life. I am passionate about crafting intuitive and innovative user interfaces, using standard UI patterns that satisfy user expectations.

Build Support
& Management

Even the brightest developers occasionally appreciate a bit of guidance. I can work seamlessly with your development team, QA engineers and product management to ensure that your product and design investment is fully realised.

So what have I been up to lately?

Here's some recent work!

Preview of the website UI/X design

Business Concept, UI/X Design & Development using HTML5 CSS3, jQuery, SQL and AJAX.

Preview of the helloTESS! product and website UI/X design


User Research & Competitor Analysis, UI/X Design & Prototyping. Creative and Brand Design

Preview of the ATOSS Mobile Workforce Management UI/X design


Feature Research and Specifications, UI/X and Icon Design, Prototyping & Developer Support

Preview of the prehomed tablet application design and branding

Product Ideation, Brand Development UI/X Design, HTML5, CSS3 & PhoneGap

Got a question about my work?

Let’s talk!

Declan came to ATOSS and managed to very quickly make sense of some extremely complicated systems. We were amazed at how he seamlessly integrated them into our new mobile platform

Ralf Konig - Product Development Manager, Atoss

Contact Me

  • 26 Dun Emer Road
  • Dundrum, Dublin 16
  • Ireland


  • Tel: (+353) 83 4470 512
  • decbrad (at)
  • Skype: declan-bradley

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