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Quick Introduction!

I am a Dublin based UI/X Design Consultant with over 10 years experience in Multi-platform Mobile Software Development. I specialise in Product Concept Development, Creative Visualisation & Rapid Prototyping.

So what have I been up to lately?

Here's some recent work! is an online business development service that matches businesses with suppliers of paid gaming equipment. As a personal project, I had the responsiblity for all business concept development, UI/X design and programming using .NET, HTML5, jQuery/ajax and mySQL.

TESS! is a full ERP solution for Gastronomy Service Providers. It includes modules for Ordering & Payments, Staff Scheduling, Loyalty & CRM, Online Reservations and Inventory Management.

My brief was to first of all understand, and then remove the complexities of traditional legacy POS systems, which included detailed customer research and analysis. I then led the creative process with responsibility for UI/X design and front-end prototyping.

Interactive Table Plan

I was required to perform detailed customer requirements gathering, develop feature specification, UI Design and provide off-site developer support.

Reporting & KPI's

Customer Research, UI Design and Prototyping. The HTML5 prototype was subsequently used in the production environment.

Atoss AG produces a staff scheduling and productivity management solution which is being used by many large organisations including Deutsche Bahn, Tommy Hilfiger and Pepsi.

Atoss engaged with me early in the process of mobilising components of their existing suite of desktop applications. I contributed to the overall product strategy through initial concept generation, prototyping, custom interface and icon design.

Declan came to ATOSS and managed to very quickly make sense of some extremely complicated systems. We were amazed at how he seamlessly integrated them into our new mobile platform.

Ralf Konig - Product Development Manager, Atoss

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